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17th Vol. of Photoshop Magazine (Adobe Photoshop CS5 new features with Top tutorials)

Recently Adobe has announced their hot new version of creative suite which they named as CS5. New version, Adobe Photoshop CS5 released on Monday, April 12, 2010
And here are best new features for Photoshop CS5 and top tutorials created by it

1.Content aware fill

It’s a very handy tool that help a lot in photo retouching that introduces in Phtoshop®CS5. You can say it’s an upgraded version of ‘Spot Healing Tool’. Spot Healing Tool was used to remove a unwanted particle from the image or fill a blank space with surrounding patterns. Now this tool was good but very time consuming as you have to select the surrounding patterns by pressing Alt key so the blank spaces can be filled with same patterns. Now Photoshop® CS5 has introduced a fully automated patching tool. What you have to do is to select the unwanted part of the image or the blank space that you want to fill with the same pattern and Voila! You are done. This tool will automatically fill the space with surrounding patterns and make the image realistic
And you can Click Here to visit tutorials showing how to use this amazing tool

2.Content aware Healing

First take a look at this tutorial

  1. In a previous photo retouching tutorial, we looked at Spot Healing Brush and how we can use it to quickly remove or repair small problem areas in an image, like acne or other minor skin blemishes, dust, dirt, mold, or small cracks or scratches. First introduced in Photoshop CS2, the Spot Healing Brush may not be the only image retouching tool you'll ever need, but its speed and performance make it perfect for cleaning up small problems before moving on to the larger, more time consuming ones.

Ironically, the Spot Healing Brush's biggest strength, that it does almost everything on its own with little effort or input from us, has also been its biggest weakness. The way it has worked from CS2 until now is that you'd simply click on a small area of damaged or unwanted texture, then watch as Photoshop magically replaced it with randomly-selected good texture from somewhere close to the spot you clicked. As long as the problem area was small enough and there was enough good image data close by, the Spot Healing Brush was usually able to give us acceptable results. But when there wasn't enough good image data or the problem spot was too big and complex for it to decide on its own how to repair the area, it ran into problems and there was nothing we could do other than switch to a different tool like the standard Healing Brush, the Patch Tool or the Clone Stamp Tool, all of which require more time and effort.

In Photoshop CS5, the general idea hasn't changed. We still just click on a problem spot and let the Spot Healing Brush do the rest with no real ability on our part to control the results. But this time, Adobe has given the tool a major boost in intelligence and greatly increased its chances for success with the brand new Content-Aware Healing feature, which now let's Photoshop make much better decisions on how to remove and repair texture based on the actual content of your image! How does this compare with the "old" way of how the Spot Healing Brush worked? Let's find out!

3. 3D enhancements

Now it’s time to forget use 3ds max, maya, xara 3D and any other 3D modeling tool to create a 3D object and import that design into your photoshop design. Because photoshop has integrated the 3D rendering tool . Now you can create any 3D object within photoshop. You can change width, height, depth and texture of a 3D modeling

Tutorial 1 (3D Type with Repoussé in Photoshop CS5 Extended)
In this tutorial Fabio saso will recreate an image of a tutorial he did for Digital Arts Magazine last year which he used Photoshop and Illustrator to create a 3D text with a girl on top of it, the tutorial was the CREATE MILE-HIGH TYPE ART. So this time he will do everything using just Photoshop CS 5 Extended with the Repoussé.

Tutorial 2(3D Water Text Effect with Repoussé in Photoshop CS5) in this tutorial I will show you how to create a water text. Even though it might look complex it's a very simple effect.

Tutorial 3 (Create 3D type art using Photoshop CS5)

The new 3D tools in Photoshop CS5 are more advanced than ever. In this tutorial we will use the new Repoussé tool to extrude some text in a way previously only possible in a full 3D application.

4. Dueling Paint

Adobe Photoshop CS5 provides an alternative to either use a special tool to interpret a photograph into a painting or to use a “from scratch” tool and create absolutely new objects. You can convert your photo into a hand drawn painting with much more realistic results. And Wet paint is a new Photoshop CS5 feature that lets you mix up colors with brush in the same way you do it in a real world, ‘wet’ paints can be smudged, smeared and blended. The new brush tools aim to match that found within Corel’s Painter application.

Tutorial 1 (Photoshop CS5 Digital Painting Tutorial)

tutorial is made by Armand Niculescu

5. Straighten And Crop Images In Photoshop CS5

we look at one of the smaller yet very welcome new features in Photoshop CS5 - the ability to both straighten and crop images with a single click!
In previous versions of Photoshop, learning how to straighten a crooked image was a bit of a challenge. In fact, if you didn't have someone to show you how to do it, there's a good chance you may never have figured it out. That's because the process was in no way intuitive. You would think that after years of updates to the world's most popular and powerful image editor, Adobe would have included a simple "Straighten" button somewhere, but sadly, that wasn't the case. At least until now!

And you can Click Here to visit tutorials showing how to use this amazing tool

6. Better edge detection & masking results

Newer version has better and more precise edge detection. It can detect and identify complex borders in any image. In the demo below the manager has mask a photo of a hairy cat. This was a very complex edge but the enhanced Photoshop® masking to done that precisely.

Tutorial 1 (Create a Cosmic Love Goddess With Photoshop CS5)

By Nhan Trung Hoang

7. Wet paint brush

Wet paint is a new Photoshop CS5 feature that lets you mix up colors with brush in the same way you do it in a real world, ‘wet’ paints can be smudged, smeared and blended. The new brush tools aim to match that found within Corel’s Painter application.

8. Brush prototypes

You can change the tip of the brush from the available flat brush, pointed brush, angle brush and fan brush. A small window will show you how the brush changes when you are dragging your brush pointer over and image.

Tutorial 1 (Create an Abstract Light Streaks poster in Photoshop CS5)

In today’s tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract light streaks poster from scratch using Lighting effects, Noise, and Wave Photoshop CS5 filters. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started!

9. New Color picker

With Photoshop CS5 you can just hit keyboard shortcut and color picker will pop up. No more dialogue boxes to choose Hue, Saturation or color.

10. New Eye Dropper

With the new eye dropper tool, you can compare between the foreground colors with the color you are picking with a rounded color selecting pointer.

11. Dynamic brush resizing

Now you can change the size of your brush with the horizontal movements and the softness with vertical movements of your mouse. In the same way you can change your page size with the magnifying tool.

12. Multilayer opacity adjustment

With Photoshop CS5 you can adjust multiple layers at the same time as easy as selecting layers you want to adjust and moving Opacity slider.

Here are some video tutorials by Photoshop CS-5


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