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12th Vol. of Photoshop Magazine


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First :Tutorials

Self-initiated abstract art

In this tutorial I’ll show you how – with a little time on your side – you can overcome the common myth of low budget work, creating an impressive piece of abstract work using Photoshop.

Aurora Borealis Wallpaper in Photoshop

I'll show you how to create an awesome scene featuring an aurora, in photoshop."

Making of a Scary Mental Hospital Scene

by Johnson Koh

How to Create a Mosaic Portrait from a Photograph

by Cheryl Graham

This is a fun way to turn a photograph into an interesting vector portrait. Get sophisticated results with just a few easy steps, then modify it using a wide range of Illustrator's live effects.

How to Create an Imaginative, Magical Painted Scene

by Johnson Koh

In this tutorial, we will be using several basic tools and stock images to create a fantasy artwork where everything seems to come alive from what is being painted on an old piece of paper. Let’s get working!

How to Create a Steampunk Style Illustration in Photoshop

by James Davies
Go simultaneously backward and forward in time with this Steampunk tutorial. The main focus, aside from the style of course, is fusing elements from different sources together to create a cohesive whole.

Colorful Spirograph Poster

In this great tutorial we will be learning how to create a spirograph effect in Photoshop, yep that thing that you played with when your a kid that made you feel artistic. Then we’ll be using the effect to create a very stylish poster design with some smart typography and wait for it… rainbow gradients! So give it a try and I’m sure you’ll learn a bit

Design a Layout for a Non-Profit Organization in Photoshop

By Steven Snell
In this tutorial we will be creating a homepage layout for a fictional non-profit organization. Many non-profits and charitable organizations share similar needs for a website, including information about the organization’s history, purpose, and what they do, as well as a way to stay in contact with supporters and donors, and to provide the organization with a face to new visitors.

How to Create an Abstract Vector Design in Illustrator

by Cris Spooner
A great looking abstract design can be created from the simplest of shapes. Let’s take a look at compiling various geometric shapes and objects to form a dynamic composition in Illustrator, then polishing it all up with some transparency effects to create a trendy vector illustration.

Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop

I used some stock photos and a very blocky typeface. Instead of wasted my time looking for the perfect font,

Sewing a Fabric Badge in Photoshop

by Johnson Koh

How to Create 3D Gemstones Using Adobe Illustrator and Google Sketchup

by Don Engel
We’ll be creating a gemstone in this tutorial. I use Illustrator and Sketchup Pro, but similar effects can be achieved with Corel, Inkscape, Xara or other tools and the freeware version of Sketchup.

How to Create a Cartoon Spaceship Interior

Author: Kamen
This tutorial is written for intermediate Illustrator users, as basic settings are not the focus, rather the tutorial covers the overall process as this design is built

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Second: Ps Brushes
ثالثا : التكسترز


10 beautiful free wood textures for your designs

Used as background images, wood textures are quite popular on the web theses days. In this article, I’ll show you 10 beautiful wood textures that you can freely use to enhance your designs.

Crush Wall

This Texture offers 4 super high-res crush wall textures, free to use in your own designs.

12 Experimental Grunge Textures

Colored Fog

by Andre Oliveira
This week’s Texture Thursday offers 4 super high-res colored fog textures, free to use in your own designs.

9 > Community Center Outdoor Textures

4 hi-res mussel shell textures

Best Grunge Textures and Photoshop Brushes All In One Place


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27+ Abstract Geometric Wireframe Vectors


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