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11th Vol. of Photoshop Magazine

اولا: الدروس

First :Tutorials

Create an Atomic Explosion in Photoshop

Creating explosions and fire in Photoshop is always tricky, and an atomic explosion is a big challenge. It was for me, but after some experiments, I figured out a nice way to achieve this effect. So in this tutorial I will show you how to create that.

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Create Awesome Lighting Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the methods I use to seamlessly combine multiple objects and create some truly awesome lighting effect for your image through the making of this “spiritually connected” abstract style design in Photoshop.

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Awesome Milk Typography Effect in Photoshop
I used some stock photos and a very blocky typeface. Instead of wasted my time looking for the perfect font, I decided to create it in Illustrator.

How to Create a Steampunk Style Illustration in Photoshop
by James Davies

Go simultaneously backward and forward in time with this Steampunk tutorial. The main focus, aside from the style of course, is fusing elements from different sources together to create a cohesive whole.

Abstract typographic art

Create amazing type-based elements in Illustrator and rough them up in Photoshop, with brilliant techniques from Mike Harrison.

How to Create a Sparkling Fantasy Photo Manipulation

by Oliver Cereto

In this tutorial, we're going to create a photo manipulation using different techniques. We'll be adjusting each layer and element to make a compact final image. We'll be using multiple photos and a handful of effects to create this work.

Fantastic Tree

Great tutorial in alfoart.com
In this tutorial ,learn how to add special effect to your image with tree like face

How to Create a Richly Ornate Typographic Illustration
by Alex Beltechi
When looking for top quality content, you're usually forced to pay for your resources. They're generally better and easier to work with, and offer a wider range of use.

Stylish Light in Cinema 4D and Photoshop Tutorial
In this tutorial I will show you how to create a scene inspired by those gangster movies and of course the great depthCORE chapter NOIR. We will use Cinema 4D to create the scene and then in Photoshop we will add the gangster and other effects.

Create an iPhone related website

I will create a dark PSD layout with simplicity in mind. It is very important to let your users to see faster what your services are.

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Create a Vector Mascot with Pen Tool

by Elaine Hu
Hi guys! As there are many tutorials out there teaching on how to use Photoshop’s Pen Tool for clipping paths and irregular shapes, we at 10Steps.SG are going to try a new approach and use only the Pen Tool to make a simple cartoon vector face for avatars or mascots.

Create a Stylish Two-Tone Photo Montage

Learn how to combine several photos to create a stylish two-tone composition.

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Create a Feathered Crow Illustration

Author: Constantin PotoracIn this tutorial, you'll be taken through the process of creating this crow illustration. The tools and resources you will be using are just a few so this will be great practice for you to achieve real nice results while using a limited number of resources. Let's get to it!

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Create a Realistic 3D Blueprint

In this tutorial i will show you how to create a 3d blueprint. In the next days i will use my result to create a new layout. The result will be very nice, and i will promise you it is not difficult to create a nice looking 3D blueprint with photoshop.
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Create a Fly Logo Design

This tutorial is focused on the process of creating a logo for a web design client. It will cover developing a logo from concept to completion and working with the client throughout this process.

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ثانيا: فرشات الفوتوشوب

Second: Ps Brushes

Guns and Bullets Brushes

Drip and Splatter Brushes

HI-RES Flame Brushes

Best Brushes from Brusheezy (April)

One file contain 12 brushes ,with total size 33 Mb

57 Multi-Colored Illustrator Paint Brushes

They are very realistic and a lot of fun to play with

Download it


ثالثا : التكسترز


9 > Community Center Outdoor Textures

Tire Textures

5 Free Vintage Wallpaper Textures
This is a set of textures I've wanted to do for a long, long time. Unfortunately I don't have access to any cool, old wallpaper around here..

10 HD Wood Textures

16 Parquet Textures
Download the textures


رابعا : الفكتورز


Vector Ornaments

14 Exclusive Floral Stamps Vectors

Ornamental Vectors

Vector Mix

Great mix of Vector ...

Best Vectors from vectoreezy (April)

One file contain 10 vectors ,with total size 15 mb

Office Vectors set

Download our set of various vector writing instruments. Included in this set you will find vector pencils, vector markers, Vector pen. All items are separate on editable layers. this set commes in vector file format ( .ai and .eps ) available

Download the vectors


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